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Met Concrete Supplies Ltd. is dedicated to supplying you with the best materials for Fencing London. We’re a trusted name for 30 years. Our expertise in concrete supply and fence installation service’s mission is to satisfy you with quality material at an affordable price. Both residential and commercial projects are our priorities. Keeping our clients first is included in our sheer values.

Met Concrete Supplies covers a large area around Essex. We’re functional outside Essex as well. The areas that Met Concrete Supplies covers include:

A) Oxfordshire

B) Berkshire

C) East Sussex

D) Middlesex

E) Kent

This is just the tip of the iceberg. No matter where you live in London, give us a call.

We’re a supplier and installer in the field of Fencing London. But, even if you don’t hire our installing service, we would love to supply you with the materials only. There are few services in Essex, London that serve you a complete fencing service. Often you have to find another company that provides installation. Therefore, Met Concrete Supplies Ltd. has built a large team where you can find a group of expert fence installers. We take sheer pride in our team. Without them, we’re nothing.

Fencing London | Garden Fencing

Ultimate Destination of Fencing London

Met Concrete Supplies Ltd. has promised to provide you the best quality materials at a pocket-friendly price. If you’re trying to install a strict boundary around your house, there is no alternative to a wood fence. Purchase the supreme quality of materials at our service of Fencing London. There are several styles of fencing available in the market. Our experts are aware of all the products. They will guide you with the pros and cons.

Call us for fence installation and repair. If you want a complete service of fencing London, we’re just a call away. Our fencing Installation and supply team works independently. If you wish to only the supply from our agency, we’re up for that also. Our products include:

Fence Posts:

1. Slotted Inter

2. Corner Slotted

3. Slotted Ends

4. Chain Link Inter

5. Chain Link Ends

6. Chain Link Corner

7. Chain Link Strut

Gravel Boards:

a) GB2

b) GB4

c) GB5

d) GB6

e) GB7

f) GB8

Fence Panels

These are just some instances. The entire story is a long one. Check out our product details to find out the product details.

Fencing London | Garden Fencing

The Most Reliable Partner in Fencing London

Met Concrete Supplies Ltd. has won the trust of more than fifty thousand people. We serve in a greater London area. Our clients have shown immense faith in us. This is the reason behind our groundbreaking success. Some of our sheer values have made us achieve this position in the industry. They are:

  • Taking Care Of The Client’s Needs: Met Concrete Supplies Ltd. has never overpowered the client’s demand. We’ve always tried to fulfill your criteria first.
  • Making A Different Approach: Unlike any other fencing in London, we offer an attractive discount on bulk purchasing. Also, our priority to a commercial or residential project remains the same. We try to give our best for both.
  • Going With The Trend: Fencing is nowadays a significant part of your exterior house. It serves several purposes. Therefore, the type of fencing is changing gradually. We try to provide you all the classes.
  • Serving A Greater Area: Our service is not restricted to a particular area. A huge team works over London and outside of it. You can call us anytime you want and collect our quote.
  • Submitting On-time Project: On-time project submission saves your budget on fencing London. Therefore, we try to work with a large team and finish the project before the estimated time.
  • Quality Materials: Met Concrete Supplies Ltd. aims to provide you quality materials at an affordable price. This is one of the best qualities that has earned us immense popularity.

We Promise You

Professional Quality
Affordable Price
100% Satisfaction!!

MET Concrete  supplies, offers Installation of domestic and commercial fencing, with over 30 years’ experience, we provide a professional and personal service at the most competitive rates using our own top quality products. No job is too large or small, and will be completed to your complete satisfaction.

Supplying Concrete & Fencing to London and the South East

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